Natural Resources for Teaching Exams

By : Neha Joshi

Updated : Nov 11, 2020, 16:42

Natural Resources is an important topic that should be covered while you are preparing for TET, CTET or other teaching exams. You must have an overall understanding of the chapter 'Natural Resources' and also of the sub-topics included in the chapter. It is imperative to read thoroughly about different types of natural resources and then try solving practice questions related to the chapter. This will help in laying a base and then understanding the intricacies of the topic. Also, by practising questions, you can easily brush up on all the topics that you might have covered while reading. These questions can come in your exam.

If you aspire to become a teacher in a country like India, you will have to sit for exams like TET, CTET, etc. These exams are very essential in case you want to get into the profession of teaching. These exams will test you on various aspects including English, Hindi, Science, etc. Natural resources is a very important concept and you must prepare for it if you want to score well in your exams.

Important Natural Resources Topics to be Covered

Aspirants need to understand different types of Natural Resources questions for TET exams. To understand the Natural Resources meaning TET exams, you need to cover the following topics.


Things to be covered

Natural Resources

  • Uses of natural resources
  • Advantages and disadvantages of natural resources
  • Limitations of natural resources
  • Impact on the environment
  • Alternatives to natural resources

Types of Natural Resources

  • Renewable Resources
  • Non-Renewable Resources

Lack of Resources

  • The utilisation of resources- Under and over utilisation

Community Resources

  • Proper and responsible utilisation of natural resources

Harmful Impacts of Using Non-Renewable Resources

  • Global Warming
  • Emission of Greenhouse gases and melting of the glaciers
  • Acid rains and its effect on buildings and monuments, people, plants, etc.
  • Depletion of the Ozone layer due to the emission of chlorofluorocarbons

Biological Environment

  • Importance and elements of the biological environment

Natural resources can also be considered as one of the easiest topics when the entire syllabus of teaching exams is taken into consideration. Therefore, with a thorough understanding of resources and familiarity with basic terminologies can help you in acing this section of the examination. Go through the course outline and course material thoroughly before giving Natural Resources quiz TET exams and then prepare on the weaker areas before the final exam.

Tips to Prepare for Natural Resources Questions

Natural resources are a really important topic when it comes to preparing for teaching exams. Listed below are a few tips which will facilitate Natural Resources study for TET exams:

  • Read the NCERT books thoroughly.
  • You must familiarise yourself with how a particular natural resource looks.
  • Go through the by-products of these natural resources.
  • Make sure that you make Natural Resources short note for TET exams so that you can easily revisit them later.

Most Recommended Books for Natural Resources

The books that can be used for studying natural resources are:

  • NCERT Science books
  • Books by Wiley
  • Britannica’s website

If you are looking for Natural Resources teaching exam preparation material online, BYJU'S Exam Prep is the best website. You can also take up a Natural Resources test for TET exams to self-assess your performance and then prepare accordingly.

Why prepare for Natural Resources from BYJU'S Exam Prep?

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Frequently Asked Questions

1- Do we have to study all kinds of natural resources for teaching exams?

In case you are appearing for any teaching exams like CTET or TET, it is important to understand the concept and types of natural resources. However, you do not need to study in detail about the types of natural resources.

2- From where will I get factual data about different natural resources?

There are plenty of resources available online from where you can read about natural resources. BYJU'S Exam Prep is a website where you can find numerous Natural Resources pdf for TET exams.

3- Is NCERT book a reliable source for studying for teaching examinations?

NCERT is considered to be a book that lays the foundation when it comes to preparing for teaching exams like TET. Therefore, it is suggested that you start preparing using NCERT books.

4- Do questions from the topic ‘Coal’ come in the TET exam?

Coal is a very important natural resource. Therefore, you can expect questions from the topic in CTET and other State TET Exams.