Natural Phenomena for Teaching Exams

By : Neha Joshi

Updated : Nov 11, 2020, 14:04

Natural phenomena is a topic of science which deals with the nature and structure of science. Natural phenomena questions are mainly asked in TET exams such as CTET, UPTET, OTET, KTET, WBTET, APTET, HPTET, TSTET, UTET, HTET, PSTET, TNTET, and BSTET. To ensure a favourable outcome with your score, make a natural phenomena short note for TET exams. Also, practice several natural phenomena quiz TET exams and solve natural phenomena questions for TET exams to ensure that you are well prepared for the upcoming TET Exams.

Many natural phenomena online tests for TET exams are available to ensure that you complete and revise the topic till you get full confidence for the exams. Try to take as many of them as possible to assess your preparation and to figure out your weak areas. Natural phenomena problems for TET exams are very easy to solve with a clear understanding of the basic concepts.

Important Natural Phenomena Topics for TET Exams



Greenhouse Effect

Questions are asked on the process of the greenhouse effect.

Internal and External Structure of the Earth

This topic is quite vital in all TET exams, as many questions are based on this.

Solar System

Although this topic is very common in various exams, it is of paramount importance in TET exams.

Protection of Environment

The awareness of conserving the natural environment is increasing day by day. Questions are asked on the various modes of protecting the environment.

Global Warming

It is also a key topic that needs to be addressed and focussed on. Every year, questions are asked on this topic in TET exams.

Tips to Solve/Prepare Natural Phenomena Questions for TET Exams

  • Stick to your TET syllabus. Don’t study anything outside of the prescribed syllabus.
  • Natural phenomena study for TET exams should involve proper time management.
  • While answering the Natural phenomena questions in TET exams, always try to read the question properly and multiple times. Never panic if you don’t immediately know an answer.
  • Sometimes, questions are tricky, so practice Natural phenomena problems for TET exams to have a better understanding of the concepts.

Importance of Natural Phenomena in Science Section of Teaching Eligibility Test Exams

  • Natural phenomena come under the science section of the TET exams. The questions are quite technical in nature and can help you score well if attempted carefully.
  • It tests the candidate’s understanding of natural phenomena, a topic of knowledge that is of paramount importance for a science teacher.
  • It will help you immensely to improve your teaching skills and address students’ learning ability.
  • As this is a part of the science section of the TET paper, it will involve a good number of questions and may decide your overall performance and success in the exam.

Most Recommended Books for Natural Phenomena

Some of the best books for natural phenomena topics for TET Exam are:



CTET Preparation and Practice: Science

R. Chamundeshwari

TET Natural Science

One One Three Publication

TET Book

Disha Publication


Dr. Chandresh Agrawal

Why Prepare Natural Phenomena from BYJU'S Exam Prep?

BYJU'S Exam Prep provides an opportunity for students to explore and learn new concepts from experts and mentors. It provides a platform where everyone can prepare together and rise together. BYJU'S Exam Prep believes in imparting quality education and will keep you updated with all exam-related notifications and details. Natural phenomena topic for TET Exam require rigorous practice. At BYJU'S Exam Prep, you will be provided with a number of natural phenomena questions and answers PDF for TET exams, apart from other resources. you will be able to enhance your skills and learn comfortably and confidently.

Teaching is always considered a noble profession, and today, more than ever, we require good teachers. Undoubtedly, natural phenomena is a requisite knowledge area for teachers and a key focus area for any teaching exam. Candidates must secure natural phenomena questions and answers PDF for TET exams and should prepare according to the pattern. Prepare a natural phenomena short note for TET exams to begin with to save time and energy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Natural Phenomena Topics for TET Exams

Question 1. What is the eligibility criteria for TET Exams?

Answer: Primary Level - Senior Secondary with a minimum of 50% marks passed.

Upper Primary Level - Graduated with at least 50% marks.

Question 2. How many questions are based on content -natural phenomena in the TET exams?

Answer. This cannot be specified as it varies. However, you can check the previous year’s papers to ascertain the pattern.

Question 3. Is there any age limit for the TET Exams?

Answer. Yes. A candidate must be a minimum of 18 years, and there is no upper age limit. There is also no limit on the number of attempts of or appearances for the TET exams.

Question 4. What types of questions are asked from content -natural phenomena?

Answer. Basically, it covers all natural phenomena questions. You can check previous year papers to get a better understanding.