Mathematics for Teaching Exams

By : Neha Joshi

Updated : Nov 18, 2020, 15:14

Mathematics plays a significant role in every exam and playing the number game right can ace teaching exams like TET, CTET, and other State TET Exams. Anyone after completing a Math study for TET exams can ladder up the score sheet successfully. Below mentioned, you can explore more about the Math questions with answers for TET exams to help you with the tests.

Math involves primary sections like multiplication and division, subtraction and addition, LCM and HCF, etc. One must study and prepare well to understand the Math questions for TET exams. So if practised well, this section will be a scoring section.

Important Math Topics for TET Exams



Basic numbers and Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division

This section contains basic algebra questions that comprise BODMAS equations, Square and Square root problems, simplification sums, etc.


In this section, you need to understand the least number that is exactly divisible by the given two numbers and the greatest factor present between the two numbers.

Time, Measurement, Patterns, and Weight

One needs to do Math Content practice for TET exams to solve these sums successfully. You need to understand time and work, measuring scales, patterns in chronology, and weight dimensions in given sums.

Data Handling, Geometry, and Money

This is one of the easiest sets of questions in the Math Content teaching exam where one can score full marks. Graphical analysis is represented in the form of questions for Data handling. For Geometry, you should have good knowledge about shapes and their meanings, and in the Money section, you can solve the sums by calculative skills.

Tips to Solve/Prepare Math Questions

Now let’s check out some tips to solve Math problems for TET exams. Concentrating on these areas will surely help an aspirant to step-up the scores in teaching exams.

  • You can study with the help of online video lectures and jot down easy formulas to understand the Math meaning TET exams; these formulas can help you solve the questions quickly without making mistakes.
  • Practise regularly. You can test your knowledge by taking Math online tests for TET exams daily.
  • You must concentrate on the basic concepts of geometry in the Math test of TET exams. You can achieve maximum marks by understanding symmetry, construction, elementary shapes, and measurement lessons in detail.
  • Brushing up the data handling section with some good analytical and aptitude skills can come in handy to take up any Math quiz TET exams.

Importance of Math in Government Teaching Exams

Before we prepare, we need to know the importance of this section in exams, as this will help us understand the necessity of this section.

  • Every aspiring teacher needs to study this section thoroughly to understand basic math concepts well to ace the competitive exam.
  • Knowledge of basic mathematics is a requirement for a teacher specialising in any subject. One can achieve mastery over math by going through online resources and studying Math pdf for TET exams.
  • This section holds 30 marks for 30 MCQs, in the teaching exams. Hence, making it a vital section to pass the exam.
  • Mathematics being an analytical subject shows your calculative skills and memory.

Most Recommended Books for Math for TET Exams

The following list of books comprises detailed exercises and also previous years’ question papers for reference.



MPTET MP Teacher Eligibility Test (Hindi)

Dr Chandresh Agrawal

Mathematics and Pedagogy For CTET/TET

McGraw Hill

Mathematics Exam Goalpost

Wiley Publication

Ganit Varg for UPTET Examinations

McGraw Hill

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which is the best book to study math for the TET exam?

There are many books available online. Mathematics Exam Goalpost by Wiley Publication is one of the best books to refer for preparing well.

  • How many times can I appear for teaching exams?

The Government hasn’t prescribed any limit to undertake the exam. You can attempt as many times you wish.

  1. Which website is best for preparing for teaching exams?

BYJU'S Exam Prep is one of the best sites for preparing for any teaching exam in the country.

  1. Where can I get lectures in Hindi for Maths Content preparation?

All the Math content is divided in many formats including the Math short note for TET exams is made available in the Hindi language online on BYJU'S Exam Prep.