Learning and Pedagogy for Teaching Exams

By : Neha Joshi

Updated : Nov 17, 2020, 13:14

Learning and Pedagogy questions are often asked in government teaching exams like TET, CTET, NET, SET, C SIR UGC NET, etc. Pedagogy teaching and learning strategies are highlighted below and are necessary while studying for the teaching exams.

These exams are conducted in India to improvise the teaching standards throughout the country. Aspirants with B.T.C. (D.El.Ed), B.Ed., and B.El.Ed., etc. are eligible to appear for these exams by thoroughly studying learning and pedagogy notes. Learning and Pedagogy are considered to be one of the tough topics for the teaching exams, but if studied properly, one can score well in this section too. This section highlights Child Development & Pedagogy, Languages, Mathematics, and Environmental studies. We shall discuss the topic of Pedagogy and Learning in detail further.

Important learning and pedagogy topics



Child’s Thought Process

How does a child think and react; how and why does a child fail to succeed in school.

Basic Processes

Child’s processes of learning; learning in a social setting as a collaborative method; learning in a social context.

Alternative Conceptions

Understanding the process of children’s failures and building them into steps in the learning process.

Cognitive and Emotions

Knowing the behavioural patterns in children and infusing the approaches for productive learning.

Motivation and Learning

Enhancing the learning and pedagogy for tet exams by understanding how to motivate children for a holistic learning approach.

Factors Contributing to Learning

The main factors that influence this process of learning are personal and related to the environment.

Tips to solve/prepare learning and pedagogy questions

We will learn about the learning and pedagogy pdf tips to solve this section efficiently.

  • Child characteristics: To crack this section in teaching exams, you need to understand the thought and learning process of a child, obstacles in a child’s learning, what drives its motivation, attributes for its personal development, etc.
  • Pedagogical strategies: While studying for govt. teaching exams, you need to focus on theories related to child motivation, their attention, and the removal of obstacles in learning.
  • Referring to research papers: Practice reading various project and thesis related papers on child pedagogy and learning methodologies. This will help you gain real-time knowledge through various websites and platforms.
  • Previous years papers - An aspirant must solve and check at least the last 5 years’ papers to understand in depth the question pattern and format.

Importance of learning and pedagogy in government teaching exams

The topic of learning and pedagogy in Hindi has important weightage in all the teaching exams. Hence while studying the topic, you need to focus on the following noteworthy points.

  • To understand the child’s mentality.
  • To overcome the obstacles that appear in learning.
  • To build a conducive environment that enables stability in learning.
  • To gain thorough knowledge about the intellectual perceptions of the child.

These points should be kept in mind while preparing for the teaching exams.

Most recommended books for learning and pedagogy

Books that are well-researched and written for scoring the most in teaching exams for the learning and pedagogy section are stated as follows:

Teaching Exams Online Course - Ajay Singh Kharb

CTET Paper I & II Online Test Series

Child Development Pedagogy - Disha Publication

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Frequently Asked Questions about learning and pedagogy

1- What is child development and pedagogy?

Answer - Child development and pedagogy are important topics that revolve around the cognitive aspect of a child and the learning methodologies to be studied.

2- How can I prepare for TET?

Answer - One can prepare for TET by following the Exam pattern set by the government. Gaining comprehensive knowledge and solving all the last years’ papers is the main aspect that leads to better scores.

3- How can I prepare for CTET pedagogy?

Answer - You need to prepare a layout of the topics and subjects and solve the previous years’ papers, and by solving various quizzes available online, you can prepare yourself for the exam.

4- What is the meaning of child pedagogy?

Answer - Pedagogy means education. It refers to teaching, and the education sector referred to as a science of studying a child’s behaviour in a school environment.

5- What are the 5 pedagogical approaches?

Answer - The five main approaches are Collaborative, Constructivist, Integrative, Inquiry-based learning, and Reflective.

6- What are the 5 methods of teaching?

Answer - The known teacher-centred methods of teaching are - Direct Instruction, Kinesthetic Learning, Inquiry-Based Learning, Personalized Learning, and Flipped Classrooms.