Language Comprehension for Teaching Exams

By : Neha Joshi

Updated : Nov 18, 2020, 13:49

TET is a compulsory exam for all the students aspiring to be a teacher in government schools. Language comprehension questions for TET exams are very important to start your preparation. Before starting your preparation, you must know language comprehension meaning TET exams. In this article, we will help you to understand what the concept ‘language comprehension’ means in TET exams. The previous year’s samples for language comprehension questions with answers for TET exams help a student to clear tet exams in less effort.

The language comprehension study for TET exams is compulsory for all the students preparing for TET exams. You must practice a language comprehension quiz for TET exams one hour daily to clear TET examination in one attempt. ‘CTET’ and ‘TET’ is the compulsory exam for the students preparing for government teaching jobs.

Important Language Comprehension topics of TET exams

There are four types of Language Comprehension questions asked in the TET Exams. Start your preparation for government teaching exams by language comprehension short note for tet exams. For a better understanding of the concept ‘language comprehension,’ you have to appear for a language comprehension online test for tet exams. We are describing the four types of language comprehension in the below table:-



Literal Comprehension

It is the facts and information directly stated in the text like settings and traits, data, dates etc.

Inferential Comprehension

It is the facts and information that are indirectly stated. It is built on facts in the text like sequence, prediction etc.

Evaluative Comprehension

It is the formulation of a judgement based on the text like perfectness, comparisons, cause and effect, validity etc.

Applied Comprehension

It is giving a response to facts that the text is based on, like the language of the Author, purpose and style, imagery, values etc.

Tips to solve/prepare Language Comprehension Questions

Here are some tips for aspiring students going to appear language comprehension teaching exams for TET exams:-

  • During language comprehension tests for TET exams read the passage at a normal speed. Do not try to memorize the passage; just try to understand it.
  • Make a summary of the passage in your language by identifying the main points.
  • After finishing reading the whole paragraph, make a summary in your language of each paragraph.
  • Try to solve language comprehension problems for tet exams by eliminating the wrong options. Find out all those answers that are out of scope.

Importance of Language Comprehension for Government Teaching Exams

The questions from the ‘language comprehension’ section are asked in every government teaching exam. The importance of language comprehension questions are discussed below:-

  • The questions from language comprehension give a clear idea about the ability to write grammatically correct sentences and logical thinking capacity of the students.
  • The accuracy rate of the questions of Language comprehension is 85-90%. Students can get high marks in this section.
  • Questions from language comprehension increase students’ knowledge of the English language and help them develop good communication skills.
  • To test the comprehensive skills of students, questions are asked from language comprehension.

Most Recommended Books for Language Comprehension

Though you will easily get language comprehension pdf for tet exams online, some books will help you to start your preparations well for the ‘language comprehension’ section. The names of these books are:-



English Language and Comprehension

Ali Akbar Hussain

Language Comprehension

David Newman

Why prepare Language Comprehension from BYJU'S Exam Prep?

In BYJU'S Exam Prep, you can practice easy to difficult language comprehensions with various types of examples through a step-by-step explanation of language comprehension. You can register for free in BYJU'S Exam Prep and start language comprehension practice for TET exams. You can also appear in a free online TET test for language comprehension. The more you practice online tests, the better you will understand the concept of language comprehension for competitive exams. By joining the BYJU'S Exam Prep community, you will be able to discuss and share necessary questions regarding language comprehension with fellow aspirants.

Frequently Asked Questions

1- How many questions from the Language Comprehension section are asked in government teaching exams?

There are about 10 questions that are asked from the ‘language comprehension’ section in government teaching exams?

2- What is ‘Language Comprehension’?

‘Language Comprehension’ means a student’s ability to find out the meaning of written and oral language.

3- Is Language Comprehension easy for the aspirants?

Language Comprehension questions are tricky but easy for the aspirants. If you understand the comprehension, you can easily attempt all the questions from this section.

4- What are the four types of Language Comprehension?

The four types of language comprehensions are Literal Comprehension, Inferential Comprehension, Evaluative Comprehension, and Applied Comprehension.