Inclusive Education for Teaching Exams

By : Neha Joshi

Updated : Nov 17, 2020, 13:57

The Concept Of Inclusive Education And Understanding Children With Special Needs is essential for all the Government Teaching Exams like CTET and other State TET Exams. Studying this critical section with the concept of inclusive education pdf can easily crack the government-run national teaching exams like TET, CTET, NET, SET, CSIR UGC NET, etc.

Inclusive education is a classroom model wherein children with special needs (with learning disabilities) are taught alongside children without learning disabilities. The learning disabilities can include loss of eyesight, loss of speech or hearing capacity, walking or posture impairment, etc. It usually operates under a co-teaching strategy, wherein a general educator and a special-need educator work collaboratively to generalize the concept of inclusive education in primary schools. Thus to understand the concept well, one needs to get into the shoes of a child with learning disabilities.

Now let’s focus on details that revolve around inclusive education and define the concept of inclusive education. Also, understand the best way to prepare Inclusive Education for Children With Special Needs topics and questions for the exams.

Important Inclusive Education Topics



What is Inclusive Education?

It emphasises on the meaning of Inclusive Education and its diversified environment. You need to study the strategic approach and its need in our education system.

Principles of Inclusive Education

It focuses on removing all the obstacles that students with special needs face. It insists on providing each student and parent with access to accurate information on their learning by assessing each student's progress.

Goals and Objective of Inclusive Education

To recognise Inclusive Education as a fundamental right. Create an accessible, affordable, and appropriate environment. Need to generate policies that foster oneness.

Target Groups of Inclusive Education

Different groups and their approaches need to be studied. Children in age groups of 0 to 6 years; 6 to 14 years; and 14 to 21 years fall under this category.

Benefits of Inclusive Education

Development of individual strengths; increases involvement; a sense of oneness; and strengthening the education system.

Tips To Solve/Prepare Inclusive Education Questions

Let’s highlight some tips that qualify you to score more in the competitive exams. Studying the tips, you will also get the answer to the concept of inclusive education comes under which act?

  • The concept of inclusive education comes under ‘The Right to Free and Compulsory Education (RTE) Act, 2009’.
  • Understanding various types of learning disabilities that students with special needs might have.
  • Analyzing individual differences in students with special needs. Focusing on their mental state.
  • Understanding cognitive therapies that foster friendliness in the environment.
  • Studying various behavioural models in students with special needs that do not help them integrate into society.
  • Referring to previous years’ papers to understand the subject, the number of questions asked the questions’ pattern and its weightage.
  • Reciprocating knowledge received through various expert professionals in the field of Child Development.

Importance Of Inclusive Education in Government Teaching Exams

While preparing for any Government Teaching exams, one needs to comprehend these inputs in order to score well.

  • To bring equality in the education sector across the country for a better future.
  • To generalize the right to education act for all students.
  • Every teacher needs to understand how to deal with students with special needs. Hence you need to learn this critical section to qualify for exams.
  • To promote a collaborative learning environment in all schools.
  • Make every school a place for students with special needs instead of creating different schools for them.

Most Recommended Books for Inclusive Education

The books authored by well-known writers and publishers that can qualify you with better scores are listed below.

UPTET Child Development And Pedagogy By Kiran Publications

Quantitative Aptitude By Chand Publications – Dr R.S Aggarwal

Environment Studies By Wiley Publications

UPTET English Language By Pearson Publication – Geeta Sahni

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Frequently Asked Questions about Inclusive Education

1- What is the role of a teacher in inclusive education?

Special education teachers are considered advocates for students with special needs. In this classroom model, a teacher needs to create a conducive environment for students with special needs to merge with mainstream students.

2- How do you apply inclusive education in the classroom?

Develop a behaviour management plan for smooth functioning. Design the classroom as per the universal standards. Use a variety of instructional formats for collaborative learning.

3- How do I get a quiz on inclusive education?

You can check the Gradeup website for all the preparation needs related to competitive exams. It has quizzes, PDFs, Video lectures, and more available online on topics such as Inclusive Education for Children With Special Needs.

4- What are the 7 pillars of inclusion?

The seven pillars of inclusion are Access, Attitude, Choice, Partnerships, Communication, Policy, and Opportunities.

5- Which is the best website for the TET test series?

One of the best websites for TET test series is Gradeup. It has a comprehensive and structured test series for all teaching exams like CTET, UPTET, OTET, KTET, WBTET, APTET, HPTE and other State TET Exams.