Child Development Pedagogy for Teaching Exams

By : Neha Joshi

Updated : Nov 17, 2020, 17:35

Child development and pedagogy topic is one of the most important topics of the teaching exams such as CTET, UPTET, WBTET, HTET, APTET, PUNJAB TET, ODISHA TET, TNTET, BIHAR TET and others. The CTET exam comprises two papers: Paper-I (for Classes 1-5) and Paper-II (for Classes 6-8). Both the papers have different sets of questions, but one special subject remains common, irrespective of the paper & that is 'Child Development and Pedagogy.' Below mentioned are all the details about Child development and pedagogy questions and the best way to prepare the topic.

This subject is primarily focused on the child development of a primary school child. It also helps aspiring teachers understand the mentality of a primary school child, which allows them to understand various facets of teaching the subject. The CTET Child Development & Pedagogy exam focuses on the cycle of the primary school child's overall development. This subject is specifically designed to upskill the teacher to focus on upper primary school children as well.

In the following article, we have covered the following topics for your understanding and exam preparation.

  1. CTET Child Development & Pedagogy.
  2. Important Child Development & Pedagogy exam topics.
  3. Tips to Solve/ Prepare Child Development and Pedagogy Questions.
  4. Importance of Child Development & Pedagogy subject in CTET Exam.
  5. Most Recommended Books for Child Development & Pedagogy

Important Child Development & Pedagogy Topics



Theories of Child Development

It covers topics like Kohlberg Moral Development theory, Erik Psychological theory, Bronfenbrenner ecological theory, Piaget cognitive and moral theory, etc.

Theories of Intelligence

It covers topics like General Intelligence by Charles Spearman, Primary Mental Abilities by Louis L. Thurstone, etc.

Learning theories

It covers topics like Pavlov’s Theory of classical conditioning, Skinner’s theory of operant conditioning, etc.

Assessments & Evaluation

It covers topics like Objectives & Principles of Assessments, Assessment for learning, assessment as learning, CCE.

Concepts of Child Psychology

Relationship between Cognition & Emotion, Components of attitude, Motivation.

Tips to Solve/ Prepare Child Development and Pedagogy Questions

Child Development (Primary Stage): 15 Questions are asked from this topic. This section asks questions based on the ideologies of educational thinkers.

  • Candidates need to study educational psychology and philosophy to do well in this section. It analyzes the candidate's conceptual understanding and mastery over it.

Concept of Inclusive Education and Understanding Children with Special needs: 5 Questions

  • This section assesses the teacher's ability to cater to special children's needs and create an inclusive classroom.
  • The applicants must display their knowledge, focusing on the special efforts made for the care of special children.
  • The questions are mostly based on the teacher's behaviour towards the special child and the teacher- student's relationship.

Learning and Pedagogy: 10 Questions

  • Assessment of applicants helps to understand class dynamics and a healthy classroom environment.
  • Possible classroom situations are framed into questions, and the candidates have to choose their reaction.

Importance of Child Development & Pedagogy subject in CTET exam

  • Questions from the Child Development and Pedagogy section focus on child growth and development & educational psychology of teaching and learning.
  • The relevance of child development and pedagogy with respect to a primary school child is very high.
  • This subject is of critical importance for all aspirants, considering that 30 out of 150 marks are assigned to this subject.
  • The importance of the subject can be highlighted from the fact that it is a common subject between Paper-1 as well as Paper-2.

Most recommended books for Child Development & Pedagogy

Name of the BookAuthor/Publisher
Child Development & PedagogyDisha Publications
A complete resource for CTET; Child Development & PedagogyPearson Publications
Child Development & PedagogyArihant Publications

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Frequently Asked Questions about Child Development and Pedagogy

1- What is the applicability of CTET?

The CTET shall apply to schools of the Central Government (KVS, NVS, Central Tibetan Schools, etc.) and schools under the administrative control of UT's of Chandigarh, Dadra & Nagar Haveli, Daman & Diu, and Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Lakshadweep and NCT of Delhi.

2- What is the validity period of the CTET certificate?

The CTET qualifying certificate for appointment will be valid for a tenure of 7 years, starting from the date of declaration of its results.

3- What makes the CTET exam so special?

CTET is aimed towards selecting the most appropriate & suitable candidates who contribute towards maintaining the sanctity of the quality of education. This examination focuses on strengthening the fundamentals of the teachers so that they can instil not only knowledge but also embed the right values.