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Question 1

A textbook of Class VIII has following illustrations – women as teachers and maids while men as doctors and pilots. This type of depiction is likely to promote

Question 2

Internal condition of attraction attention is

Question 3

Directions : Answer the following questions by selecting the correct/most appropriate options.
To enable students to make conceptual changes in their thinking, a teacher should

Question 4

Teachers can encourage children to think creatively by

Question 5

Which of the following is appropriate for the environment conducive to thinking and learning in children?

Question 6

Operant conditioning theory of learning was given by

Question 7

Direction: Answer the following question by selecting the most appropriate options.
If a teacher thinks that girls need to be given a different type of education which would help them become good wives and mothers, this type of thinking :

Question 8

The current view of childhood assumes that

Question 9

"Child is a book which the teacher has to learn from page to page." Who has stated the above?

Question 10

A good teaching method for infancy stage is
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