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Taylor Tool Life Equation -Starter Quiz 1

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Question 1

Tool life increases with an increase in____.

Question 2

Which of the following values of index n is associated with carbide tools when Taylor’s tool life equation V.Tn = constant is applied?

Question 3

If the cutting speed is reduced to 1/3rd time, then the tool life is increased by -- % (n = 1, C = 200)

Question 4

Which of the following is the reason for crater wear to form at some distance from the tool tip_____?

Question 5

Condition for the formation of chips is given below:
Work material - Mild steel
Cutting speed - Medium
Feed - Large
Cutting fluid - Inadequate
Type of chips resulting due this :

Question 6

A HSS tool has life of 4 hours when machined at 20 m/min and 1 hour when machined at 40 m/min. find Taylor’s constant.

Question 7

Tool life testing on a lathe under dry cutting conditions gave n and C of Taylor tool life equation as 0.12 and 130 respectively. When a coolant was used, C increased by 10%. Find the percent increase in tool life with the use of coolant at a cutting speed of 90 m/min.
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