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Taylor Tool Life Equation - Quiz Starter Quiz 2

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Question 1

In Taylor’s tool life equation VTn = C, the constants n and C depend upon
1. Work piece material
2. Tool material
3. cutting condition

Question 2

What is the percentage increase in cutting speed when tool life is reduced to 60% use VTn = C and n = 0.5 __________.

Question 3

By decreasing the intermittent cuts, tool life will

Question 4

The tendency for a Built-up Edge chip cannot be reduced by______.

Question 5

Which of the following is the required condition for the formation of the Built-up edge ?

Question 6

In a certain machining operation with a cutting speed of 50 m/min, tool life of 45 minutes was observed. When the cutting speed was increased to 100 m/min, the tool life decreased to 10 minutes. The cutting speed for maximum productivity of tool change time is 2 minutes will be _________ m/min.

Question 7

In a tool wear study experiment, it is found that doubling cutting speed reduces the tool life to 1/8th of the original. The Taylor’s tool life index is
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