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Surveying: Nuclear Quiz 1

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Question 1

A survey is conducted with a view to prepare the map of an area to scale 1:1000. If a scale with a least count of 0.1 mm is used for plotting, what should be the accuracy in length measurement in the field?

Question 2

The type of surveying in which curvature of earth surface is taken into consideration is

Question 3

A scale has a representative fraction of  . What will be the length measured on the ground if the length of plan is 5 cm.

Question 4

What will be the length of one division of Vernier scale when length of main division of main scale is 0.2 mm and least count of Vernier is 0.12 mm

Question 5

How many types of variations in declination are there?

Question 6

Which of the below is not a temporary adjustment of the prismatic compass?

Question 7

Which line is the line drawn through points of the same declination?

Question 8

The following bearings were observed while traversing with a compass. Which stations are affected by local attraction?
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Question 9

If the fore bearing of a line is S 50° 30’ E, the back bearing of the line assuming no local attraction is _____

Question 10

Which of the following stations are free from theeffect of local attraction?

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