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Survey_APPSC CE Quiz-2

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Question 1

A scale has a representative fraction of  . What will be the length measured on the ground if the length of plan is 5 cm.

Question 2

What will be the length of one division of Vernier scale when length of main division of main scale is 0.2 mm and least count of Vernier is 0.12 mm

Question 3

Determine the number of divisions required on the Vernier scale, if it is combined with the main scale of least count 0.5 mm. The least count of the combination required is 0.05 mm for the direct Vernier.

Question 4

A base line measured with a steel tape was found to be 1050 m. Calculate the correction due to temperature if the temperature while measuring the length was 350 C and standardization temperature is 250C. Coefficient of thermal expansion of the tape material is 12 x 10-6 C-1:

Question 5

A 30 m metric chain is found to be 10 cm too short throughout a measurement. If the distance measured is recorded as 300 m, what is the actual distance?

Question 6

A surveyor measured the distance between two points marked on the plan drawn to a scale of 1 cm = 1 m (Representative fraction = 1:100) and found it to be 180 m. Later he detected that he used a wrong scale 1cm = 0.90 m (Representative fraction = 1:90) for the measurement. The correct length is

Question 7

Number of links in 20 m metric chain is ___________.

Question 8

Which one is the CORRECT statement?

Question 9

Calculate the number of division of the main scale that is equal to the 8 divisions of the extended vernier.

Question 10

If the smallest division of a Vernier is longer than the smallest division of its primary scale, the Vernier is known as _______.
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