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Structural Analysis_APPSC CE Quiz-4

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Question 1

A three-hinged parabolic arch of span 'L' and rise 'h' is subjected to a uniformly distributed load of intensity 'w', then the horizontal thrust at the supports is :

Question 2

A three hinged parabolic arch ABC is symmetric about crown B and hinged at A and B . If this arch is subjected to uniformly distributed load following will remain zero throughout the length of arch

Question 3

As per IRC, rise in fixed arch type bridge is kept between (L = span of bridge)

Question 4

A circular segmental three-hinged arch of span 28 m and a rise of 4 m hinged at the crown and springing it carries a horizontal load of 100 N/m covering full height of the arch on right side. The horizontal thrust on the left springing will be

Question 5

In two-hinged arch, how many unknown forces exist?

Question 6

If load system applied on the arch is entirely vertical the horizontal thrust at each of the supports must be:

Question 7

If the span and dip of a parabolic cable are L and h respectively, then the length of the cable is approximately equal to

Question 8

A parabolic arched rib, of span 30 m, is hinged at the springing and crown and is having a central rise of 5 m. If the coefficient of thermal expansion for the arch material is 12 × 10-6 per °C, the effect of a temperature rise of 300 °C is

Question 9

A suspension cable, supporting loads will be under

Question 10

The Eddy’s theorem is valid for
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