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Structural Analysis_APPSC CE Quiz-3

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Question 1

A uniform rise in temperature on a portal frame will cause

Question 2

The moment distribution method is best suited for

Question 3

The moment required to rotate the near end of a prismatic beam through a unit angle without translation, the far end being simply supported, is given by

Question 4

In the given frame structure, if joint O of the frame is rigid, the rotational stiffness of the frame at joint O is

Question 5

The given figure shows a frame loaded with exert a point load of 100 N at end D. The fixed end moment developed at end A will be

Question 6

Which method employs joint of structure to analyse fixed-end moments?

Question 7

Four identical beams AE, BE, CE and DE have been rigidly jointed at E as shown in the figure below. The point C slips and rotates along with member firmly fixed at E.

Which of the following is correct?

Question 8

The displacement method will not include:

Question 9

The carry-over factor CAB for the beam as shown in the figure.


Question 10

For the rigid frame shown below, what is the moment reaction at A?

Support C is pinned.

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