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Structural Analysis: Nuclear Quiz 3

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Question 1

Flexibility matrix of a beam is given by Then the stiffness matrix is

Question 2

The following frame was analyzed and final end moments are as shown. The value of P is?

Question 3

Three-wheel loads 10T, 26T and 24T spaced 2m apart roll on a girder from left to right with the 10T load leading. The girder has a span of 20m. For the condition of maximum bending moment at a section 8m from left end.

Question 4

A simple truss ABC is supported at A and B as shown in the figure. If a point Load (P) along BC is applied at joint C in horizontal direction, then what will be the vertical deflection at C ?

Assume same C/s area and same materials (i.e., A, E, I same for all members).

Question 5

When a single point load W travels over a simply supported beam, what is the shape of the graph for maximum positive and negative shear force?

Question 6

Determine the degree of static and kinematic indeterminacy of the frame structure as shown in the figure:

Question 7

Match list-I with list-II with respect to the diagram given below and select the correct answer using the codes given below the lists:


Question 8

If the damping ratio is given by 0.20 and damping coefficient is 322 kN-s/m. The value of critical damping ratio (kN-s/m)?

Question 9

A cantilever truss as shown in the figure is subjected to a horizontal load ‘P’ at joint A. The total number of zero force members in the truss is

Question 10

If a moment M is applied at joint B in the frame shown below, then the rotation of joint is.
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