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"Structural Analysis _Quiz 1"

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Question 1

A three-hinged parabolic arch of span 'L' and rise 'h' is subjected to a uniformly distributed load of intensity 'w', then the horizontal thrust at the supports is :

Question 2

Three prismatic members AB, BC and BD meet at a joint for a rigid frame to be analyzed using moment distribution method. The distribution factors for members AB and BC are 0.5 and 0.3 respectively. The distribution factor for member BD shall be:

Question 3

Degree of static indeterminacy of a rigid jointed plane frame having 15 members, 3 reaction components and 14 joints is

Question 4

A rigid frame ABCD has AB member as overhang, with end ‘A’ being free. Supports C and D are fixed. DB is vertical member and BC is horizontal member. DB=BC=5m. If the moment equations are given by:

rotation at B is given by:

Question 5

A suspension cable, supporting loads will be under

Question 6

A propped cantilever beam AB is fixed at A and a pin support is provided at B . For the analysis of this beam using force method, which of cannot be considered as redundant force

Question 7

The force in member BC of the truss as shown in the figure can be obtained as, if Length AD=4 BC=5.0 

Question 8

The influence line for bending moment at section X(MX) at a distance of 4 m from the left support of a simply supported girder AB is shown in figure below. A uniformly distributed load of intensity 2 t/m longer than the span crosses the girder from left to right.

The max bending moment at section X is equal to:

Question 9

The degree of kinematic indeterminacy of a plane structure shown in the figure neglecting axial strain, is

Question 10

In the flexibility matrix method of analysis, the values of redundant forces necessary to ensure geometric continuity of structure are determined by using relation (displacement at release due to applied loading = Dp; flexibility matrix = F; redundant forces on released structure = XR)
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