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"Strength of Materials _Quiz 2

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Question 1

Keeping the depth d constant, the width of a cantilever of length l of uniform strength loaded with a uniformly distributed load w varies from zero at the free end and

Question 2

Gradually applied static loads do not change with time their

Question 3

A cantilever beam is shown in the figure. Find the magnitude and direction of moment to be applied at free end for zero vertical deflection.

Question 4

A column has effective length L when its both ends are fixed. What will be the new effective length if one end becomes hinged?

Question 5

The maximum magnitude of shear stress due to shear force F on a rectangular section of area A at the neutral axis is _____.

Question 6

Of the several prismatic beams of equal lengths and of same material, the beam that can carry maximum load in flexure is the one having maximum

Question 7

In a rigid jointed frame, the joints are considered ______.

Question 8

What is the slope at the end of simply supported beam of span 2 m and load 5 kg/unit length over the entire span?

Question 9

The Poisson’s ratio for an incompressible material is:

Question 10

If the stress induced due to direct tensile load on a body of volume is . Then the strain energy stored in the body is (Take)
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