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Strength Of Material: Nuclear Quiz 2

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Question 1

The buckling load P = Pcr, for the column AB in the figure, as KT approaches infinity, become 'α' times

Description: D:\GradeStack Courses\GATE Tests (Sent by Ravi)\Civil Engg\Civil Engineeing-01-Apr\Civil-Engineering-2006-01-Apr-1_files\image025.png where α is equal to
Description: D:\GradeStack Courses\GATE Tests (Sent by Ravi)\Civil Engg\Civil Engineeing-01-Apr\Civil-Engineering-2006-01-Apr-1_files\image026.jpg

Question 2

In a closely coiled helical spring having 100 mm near diameter and made of 25 turns of 20 mm diameter steel wire. The spring carries an axial load of 200 N, modulus of rigidly 100 GPa. The shearing stress developed in the spring in MPa is ______

Question 3

A beam having a solid rectangular section 120 mm wide and 180 mm deep as shown in figure is subjected to a positive bending moment of 16 kNm acting about the horizontal centroidal axis, then the magnitude of the force (in kN) acting on the hatched area of the cross-section is

Question 4

A steel bar 12 cm in diameter is completely encased in an aluminium tube of 18 cm outer diameter and 12 cm inner diameter so as to make a composite beam. The composite beam is subjected to a bending moment of 12 kNm, then the maximum stress (in N/mm2) developed due to bending in aluminium is
[Take Esteel = 3 Ealuminium]

Question 5

As per the maximum principal stress theory, when a shaft is subjected to a bending moment of 2 kN-m and torque of 2 kN-m. If the allowable stress in axial tension is 220 kN/m2, then the diameter of the shaft is given by

Question 6

A load of magnitude 10 kN is applied on a rectangular footing as shown in figure. Calculate the stress generated at B due to the loading.

Question 7

A composite beam cross section is made up of two rectangular strips. Each of (100×50) mm placed and jointed over each other as shown.

What is the axial stress σs in steel portion of beam if load of 15000 N is acting on the beam?

Given Es = 2 × MPa, EBr = 1 × MPa

Question 8

What would be the equivalent stress (MPa) in simple tension according to maximum principal strain theory. If At a point in a structure there are two mutually perpendicular tensile stresses of 600 MPa and 200MPa at failure. poisson’s ratio is 0.25.

Question 9

The reaction on the pin C for a beam as shown in the figure below is _____ wL N.
Length is in m.

Question 10

A cantilever beam ABC is subjected to a moment of 500 Nm at the free end as shown in figure.
The ratio of deflection at point C to point B is ________.
[Take E = 2 x 105 N/mm2 and moment area method is preferable]
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