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Strength Of Material: Nuclear Quiz 1

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Question 1

A Load P is applied at the end of a tapered shaft having the bigger diameter as 2d and smaller diameter as d. If the elongation is calculated by taking mean diameter inspite of actual varying diameter. Percentage error that will be obtained as a result of this approximation is

Question 2

A bar with varying cross-section as shown in figure. It is subjected to a set of five forces resulting in its equilibrium. The maximum tensile stress (in N/mm2) produced in the bar is
(Assume A1 = A3 = A4 = 2 cm2, A2 = 1 cm2)
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Question 3

For the two dimensional stress system given in the figure, the one dimensional stress to produce same maximum strain will be equal to _________N/mm2.

Question 4

A rod of length L= 500 mm and cross sectional area A = 60mm2 is made of an elasto plastic material having a modular of elasticity E = 200 Gpa in its elastic range and yield point cry = 300 Mpa. The rod is subjected to an axial load until it is stretched 7 mm and the load is then removed. What is the resulting permanent set?

Question 5

Group I shown different loads acting on a beam and Group II shows different bending moment distributions. Match the load with the corresponding bending moment diagram.
Group – I
Codes :

Question 6

A beam of length ‘4L’ is simply supported on two supports with equal overhang of ‘L’ on either side and carries three equal loads at equal distance ‘2L’ between EACH load. Which one of the following diagram qualitatively represents correct variation of shearing force along the beam?

Question 7

A rigid beam AB of length 2L is hinged at A and supported by linear elastic springs (having stiffness 2k and k) at point (1) and (2) and an inclined load acts at mid point between (1) and (2) as shown. The force in spring (1) and (2) is

Description: E:\Gate\Gate-CE-Civil\01_SOM_BLok_files\image102.png

Question 8

A cantilever beam of square cross section having depth 600 mm and span 8 m is subjected to a uniformly distributed load of magnitude 8.25 kN/m2. The stress generated at a distance equal to 2m from the free end and at a depth of 250 mm from top will be

Question 9

A cantilever beam of length 2 m with a square section of side length 0.1 m is loaded vertically at the free end. The vertical displacement at the free end is 5 mm. The beam is made of steel with Young’s modulus of The maximum bending stress at the fixed end of the cantilver is

Question 10

If two pieces of material A and B have same bulk modulus, but the value of E for B is 1% greater than for A, what is the value of 'G' for the material B in terms of E and G for material A?
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