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Statistics and Regression Analysis Starter Quiz

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Question 1

The standard deviation of sample given below is
Sample 1,3,2,1,5,6,3,3

Question 2

The purpose of regression is to

Question 3

Suppose the probability that Barry Bonds, a famous baseball player, gets a hit in a given at bat is p = 0.3, If Barry has 400 at bats in a single season (sample of 400 independent at bats), what is the mean and standard error of the sampling distribution p (the sample proportion of hits per at bat)?

Question 4

Let x1, x2, …………, x50 be independent observations from a distribution X which is not normal. Suppose it is known that the mean of this distribution is 48 and the standard deviation is 5. What can we say about the sample mean ?

Question 5

Table below shows the variable x and its probability mass function p(x) value for different ‘x’. What is the mean of x ?

Question 6

In the regression equation, Rit = α + β Rmt,
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