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Static GK & Current Affairs Quiz : 30.11 .2023

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Question 1

Which one of the following is the largest linguistic group of India?

Question 2

The President’s Cup and Indian Masters Cup are associated with which sport?

Question 3

Barbells, collars and chalk are the names of the equipment associated with:

Question 4

What is 'Little Boy'?

Question 5

Which country is set to launch the first-ever asteroid mining robot in the world?

Question 6

A new book titled ‘Voices of Dissent’ authored by

Question 7

The South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation was founded in

Question 8

Cadmium damages which of the following body organs

Question 9

PUShP portal was launched recently, it was launched by which ministry?

Question 10

Recently, ‘Safe Harbour’ was in the news. It is related to
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