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Question 1

Dog-legged stairs are:

Question 2

Fly ash is obtained from

Question 3

A method that relates the planned expense and duration of tasks to the true value of what is accomplished is called

Question 4

An angle ISA 50 x 50 x 6 is connected to a gusset plate 5 mm thick, with M16 bolts. What is the bearing strength of the bolt when the hole diameter is 8 mm and the allowable bearing stress is 250 MPa?

Question 5

Center of gravity of the triangle in the cartesian system on the axis of symmetry lies at a height of ______.

Question 6

Centre of pressure on an inclined plane is ________.

Question 7

The specific speed of a turbine is speed of an imaginary turbine, identical with the given turbine, which

Question 8

Potassium dichromate is used for measuring

Question 9

Which of the following is responsible for the depletion of ozone layer in the upper atmosphere?

Question 10

If water table rises above ground level then effective stress

Question 11

For determining the ultimate bearing capacity of soil the recommended size of square bearing plate used in Plate load test is 30-75 cm with a minimum thickness of:

Question 12

An intermittent stream:

Question 13

Calculate the hydraulic mean depth of regime channel by Lacey’s theory, IF velocity is 1 m/s with silt factor is 0.75.

Question 14

The load carrying capacity of a column designed by LSM  method is 400 kN, The collapse load of the column is

Question 15

A change in the external moments in the elastic range of prestressed concrete beam results in

Question 16

A clayey sample of 2 cm thickness is collected from a 30 cm thick strata resting on impermeable rock. In a consolidation test, this clayey sample took time t1 to achieve 30 % consolidation. If t2 is the time required to achieve 50% consolidation for the soil strata then the ratio t1/t2 will be:

Question 17

For the beam shown in figure, find the component of stiffness matrix at co-ordinate 1 due to unit moment at co-ordinate 1.

Question 18

The main principle of surveying is to work _______.

Question 19

If a vehicle is negotiating a curve of radius 50 m with a wheel base of 7 m, then the value of off tracking is

Question 20

What is the maximum possible value of Poisson’s ratio for a non-dilatant material?
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