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Question 1

For the following cantilever beam as shown in figure, the change in clockwise slope between A & B by moment area theorem will be :-

Question 2

If unit load moves from left to right on S.S. beam the nature of ILD for reaction is:

Question 3

The water content of a soil remains unchanged during the entire test in:-

Question 4

In case of principal axes of a section _____.

Question 5

The shear stress on a beam section is maximum:-

Question 6

For a uniform flow with depth of 0.6 m and Froude number of 2.0 in a rectangular channel, the specific energy will be:-

Question 7

A roundabout is provided with an average entry width of 8.4 meter, width of weaving section as 14 m and length of the weaving section between channelizing islands as 35 m. The crossing traffic and total on the weaving section are 1000 and 2000 PCU per hour respectively. The nearest rounded capacity of the roundabout (in PCU per hour) is:

Question 8

The RL of the floor in a building is 100.00 m and the staff reading on the floor is 1.40 m. If the reading on the staff when held inverted with bottom touching the T-Beam of the slab is 3.60 m, then the height of the T-Beam bottom above the floor is equal to

Question 9

In a horizontal rectangular channel, the conjugate depths of flow before and after the hydraulic jump are observed as 0.25 m and 1.25 m, the energy loss due to jump will be:-

Question 10

A treated wastewater (initial contaminant concentration, flow rate = 5C, 0.2Q) enters a stream (initial concentration, flow rate = 0.01C, Q). Calculate contaminant concentration in stream immediately after mixing of wastewater with stream water?

Question 11

A firm was supplied water from irrigation tank at a rate of 100 L/s to irrigate an area of 5.0 ha. The duration of irrigation is 10 h. it was found that the actual delivery at the field which is about 10 km from the tank, was 80 L/s. the runoff loss in the was estimated 1000 m3. The water application efficiency in this situation is

Question 12

The longitudinal gradient on a road is 1 in 20. If the radius of curve is 76 m, compensated gradient is

Question 13

The best hydraulic channel cross-section should have:-

Question 14

Calculate number of moles of oxygen required for reacting with one mole of ammonium ions to convert to nitrate ions?

Question 15

In an irrigation project, in a certain year, 60% and 46% of the cultivable command area in Kharif and Rabi respectively, remained without water and rest of the area got irrigation water. The intensity of irrigation in that year for the project was

Question 16

The maximum super elevation to be provided on a road curve is 1 in 15. If the rate of change of super elevation is specified as 1 in 120 and the road width including widening is 12 m then the minimum length of the transition curve is (when the outer edge is raised with respect to inner edge)

Question 17

What will be the curvature correction for staff reading, in leveling for a distance of 1000 m?

Question 18

Mach number is the ratio of :-

Question 19

One liter of sewage, when allowed to settle for 30 minutes gives a sludge volume of 27 cm3. If the dry weight of this sludge is 3.0 grams, then its sludge volume index will be

Question 20

Gram crop has a kor period of 18 days and kor depth of 12 cm. The duty of the gram is
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