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Question 1

Expansion joint in masonry wall is provided when length of wall is greater than:

Question 2

A document containing detailed description of all the items of work together with their current rates is called:

Question 3

A solid steel plate having ultimate strength of 410 MPa, the design strength in rupture (N/mm2) is:

Question 4

A beam-column having overall depth and width is 550 mm and 250 mm. If torsional moment for this beam is 30 kN.m then twisting moment will be-

Question 5

A saturated clay stratum of thickness 10 m, bounded on top and bottom by medium coarse sand layers, has a coefficient of consolidation of 0.002 cm2/s. If this stratum is subjected to loading, it is likely that it would undergo 50% of its primary consolidation in

Question 6

Two persons of equal weights are hanging by their hands from the ends of a rope hung over frictionless pulley. They begin to climb. One person can climb twice the speed of other, who gets to the top first?

Question 7

Independent displacement components at each joint of a rigid jointed plane frame are:

Question 8

In a rectangular element subjected to like principal tensile stresses p1 and p2 in two mutually perpendicular directions x and y, the maximum shear stress would occur along the:

Question 9

For a statically indeterminate pin jointed plane frame, the relation between number of ‘m’ and number of joints ‘j’ is expressed as:-

Question 10

The stone whose crushing strength is maximum, is:

Question 11

Wake always occurs _________.

Question 12

Intensity of irrigation ________.

Question 13

A rectangular channel of cross-sectional dimensions 15 x 9 m is running one third. What is the hydraulic radius (m) of the channel?

Question 14

Which of the following is the correct assumption of the Kennedy’s theory?

Question 15

Which of the following represents the maximum thickness of the boundary layer in the pipe having radius R?

Question 16

The value of Sodium Adsorption Ratio for medium sodium water lies between

Question 17

The flow in open channel is laminar if the Reynolds number is

Question 18

A 6hr storm had 6cm of rainfall and direct runoff was 3 cm. If the  - index remains at the same value, the runoff due to 8 cm of rainfall in 8 hr in the catchment is

Question 19

In the surveys, the slope correction applied to the base line is ______.

Question 20

Hyetograph is
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