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Question 1

Deduction at cross wall for total length of the central line is _____.

Question 2

Consider the following statements regarding resource allocation/adjustment

1) Economical utilization of resources

2) Adjustment of resources to have more or less uniform demand through out project duration. 

3) Gradual increase in resources

4) Activities are so rescheduled that maximum projected need for any resource does not cross the limit of available resources

Which of these statements are correct?

Question 3

The light weight aggregates are obtained from

Question 4

Allowable stresses in bending in the design of gantry girder is

Question 5

Which of the following statements is correct  ?
A) Impermeability is a property of fresh concrete.
B) Impermeability is a not property of fresh concrete.
C) Impermeability is nothing to with concrete at all.

Question 6

In a truss girder of a bridge, a diagonal consists of mild steel flat 400 I.S.F. and carries a pull of 80 tones. If the gross diameter of the rivet is 26 mm, the number of rivets required in the splice is

Question 7

The maximum efficiency of BOD removal is achieved in which of the following?

Question 8

The ratio of pressures between two points A and B located respectively at depth 0.5 m and 2 m below a constant level of water in a tank is

Question 9

A surface footing 1 m x 4 m on a clayey soil with θ = 00 has the ultimate bearing capacity of 4q. Which one of the following is the correct value of ultimate bearing capacity for a surface footing 2.5 m x 4 m on the same soil?

Question 10

The slope area method is extensively used in:

Question 11

The load on a hydel plant varies from a minimum of 10,000 kW to a maximum of 33,000 Kw. Two turbo-generators of capacities 22,000 kW each have been installed. The Utilization factor will be

Question 12

The minimum percentage of longitudinal reinforcement in a short column is:

Question 13

What will be the slenderness limit to ensure lateral stability in a cantilever beam if the width of compression face midway between the lateral restraints is 200 mm and the effective depth of beam is 400 mm?

Question 14

Soil at site consists of two layers. The top layer has permeability k units and bottom layer has permeability 5k units. If the thickness of both the layers is equal, then what is the average permeability in the vertical direction?

Question 15

If the dimensions of a vertically suspended circular bar are doubled, then the maximum stress produced due to its own weight will be:

Question 16

In an unconfined compression test on stiff clay, if the failure plane made an angle of 530 to the horizontal, what is the angle of shearing resistance?

Question 17

A thin cylindrical pressure pipe with both ends closed has diameter 1000 mm. The pipe is subjected to an internal pressure of 4 N/mm2. The permissible tensile stress in the material is 100 N/mm2. What is the minimum required thickness of the pipe?

Question 18

The deflection caused by the transverse shear force is not negligible in

Question 19

The design factor not considered in CBR is?

Question 20

What is the combined correction for curvature and refraction for a distance of 5000 m?
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