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Question 1

The failure of a column depends upon:

Question 2

For the frame shown in the figure, the shear equation is

Question 3

The test conducted for the calculation of basic compressive stress of masonry is:

Question 4

Injury frequency rate per lakh of man-hours worked is calculated as:

Question 5

A steel column in a multi-storeyed structure carries a load of 125 kN. It is built up of 2 ISMC 350 channels connected by lacing. The lacing carries a load of

Question 6

Doubly reinforced beam section is adopted, when

Question 7

For a sandy soil, the angle of internal friction is 30 degree. If the major principal stress is 50 kN/m2 at failure, then the corresponding minor principal stress (in kN/m2) will be

Question 8

The locus of the moment of inertia about inclined axis to the principal axis is _____.

Question 9

A beam of rectangular cross-section is 100 mm wide and 200 mm deep. If the section is subjected to a shear force of 20 kN, then the maximum shear stress in the section is:

Question 10

Substitute frame method is used to analyse the building frame if the frame is subjected to _____.

Question 11

The difference in pressure head, measured by a mercury water differential manometer for a 20 cm difference of mercury level, will be

Question 12

In an area of heavy rainfall, a state highway of high-type bituminous surface with four lanes (14.0 m wide) is to be constructed. What will be the height of the crown of the road relative to the edges for a composite camber (i.e. middle half as parabolic and rest as straight lines)?

Question 13

The conventional sign shown in the figure below represents a

Question 14

To generate 8100 kW under a head of 81 m while working at a speed of 540 r.p.m., what type of turbine is suitable?

Question 15

The ‘surcharge storage’ in a dam reservoir is the volume of water stored between _____.

Question 16

An agricultural land of 437 ha is to irrigate for a particular crop. The base period of the crop is 90 days and the total depth of water required by crop is 105 cm, if a rainfall of 15 cm occurs during the base period, the duty of irrigation water is

Question 17

For concreting the surface of the runways, roads and pavements, the aggregate impact value shall not exceed by weight

Question 18

A vertical photograph is taken at an altitude of 1200 m above mean sea level of a terrain lying at a elevation of 80m. The local focal length of camera is 15 cm. The scale of the photograph will be nearly

Question 19

The angle of inclination of repelling groyne with the bank varies from

Question 20

According to the recommendations of Nagpur Conference the width formation of an ideal National Highway in hard rock cutting is _____.
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