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Question 1

As per the ISI method of measurement, the correct order of measurement is

Question 2

The volume (in m3) of coarse aggregate required to make 100 m3 of 1:2:4 concrete is _____.

Question 3

The technique of finding the fair price of an existing building or property is known as ______.

Question 4

The bar bending schedule is prepared to

Question 5

A minimum pitch is to be provided to prevent

Question 6

In the figure shown, how many degrees of freedom are there?

Question 7

For a water sample the total hardness is 200 mg/l as  and alkalinity is 250 mg/l as . Then the carbonate hardness is

Question 8

An increase in pressure of 2 bars decreases the volume of a liquid by 0.01 percent. The bulk modulus of elasticity of the liquid is:

Question 9

What is the assumption made about back of wall, in the Rankine’s theory of earth pressure?

Question 10

Transpiration is measured by

Question 11

Statement-I: An alluvial channel is defined as a channel in which the flow transports sediment of the same physical characteristics as the material in the wetted surface of the channel.

Statement-II: If a channel in alluvium has a section too small for a given discharge and slope steeper than required, degradation and aggradations happen and then the flow section attains final regime.

Question 12

A ski-jump bucket is generally used as an energy dissipater when the tail water

Question 13

The advantage of prestressed concrete over an equivalent RCC member is

Question 14

The compression in PSC is done by _________ of high-strength tendons.

Question 15

If liquid limit of a soil sample is 40 %, plastic limit is 15 % and natural moisture content of the sample is 32 %. The relative consistency of the sample will be?

Question 16

Coefficient of permeability is directly proportional to the

Question 17

A mild steel structural beam has cross section, which is an unsymmetrical I-section. The overall depth of the beam is 250 mm. The flange stresses at the top and bottom are 200 N/mm2 and 50 N/mm2 respectively. What is the depth of the neutral axis from the top of the beam?

Question 18

The beam shown in figure is
Description: E:\Gate\SSC JE Civil Part 1\Practice-Set-4_files\image001.png

Question 19

Every 20 m chain should be accurate to within _____.

Question 20

The minimum stopping distance on a single lane road, having two-way traffic is equal to
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