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Question 1

The vertical distance between the springing line and the highest point of the inner curve of an arch is known as

Question 2

The initial setting time for Ordinary Portland cement as per IS specifications should not be less than:

Question 3

Sinking fund method is useful in

Question 4

The density of steel is taken as

Question 5

The equation of motion of a particle is given by expression i.e. s= 4t3- 7t2+1. The acceleration of the particle after 2 sec is

Question 6

Which one of the following statements is not correct?

Question 7

Drag force on a cylinder for turbulent flow compared to laminar flow is

Question 8

A raft foundation with basement floor is placed at a depth of 4 m below the ground level. The superstructure imposes a load of 150 KN/m2 on the raft. The unit weight of the soil is 20 KN/m3 on the raft. What are the values of the gross and net loading pressure on the soil respectively?

Question 9

A reservoir has a catchment area is about 150 hectares. The rainfall is 2.5 times of run-off and the catchment gets 10 cm rainfall, a stream flow at the catchment outlet lasts for 10 hours, what is average stream flow in the period?

Question 10

Check flooding method of irrigation can be used for

Question 11

Design of a two-way slab simply supported on edges and having no provision to prevent the corners from lifting, is made by _________.

Question 12

Given for a soil stratum:

Coefficient of permeability in horizontal direction = 3m/day

Coefficient of permeability in vertical direction = 1/3 m/day

The effective permeability of the stratum is:

Question 13

Moment of Inertia of a triangular section, about an axis passing through its center of gravity is _____.

Question 14

The tangential component of stress on an plane inclined  to the direction of the force, may be obtained by multiplying the normal stress by ____________.

Question 15

A three hinged arch of span 5 m and rise 1.5 m carries a uniform distributed load of 120 kN/m over the whole span. The horizontal thrust on each support is

Question 16

The Muller-Breslau principle can be used to

Question 17

The maximum error (mm) on the drawing should not be greater than _________

Question 18

When two points of surveying are mutually invisible the following method of ranging is adopted?

Question 19

In a Marshall sample, the bulk specific gravity of mix and aggregates are 2.4 and 2.6 respectively. The sample includes 5% of bitumen (by total weight of mix) of specific gravity 1.2. The theoretical maximum specific gravity of mix is 2.4. The voids in mineral aggregates (VMA) in the Marshall sample in % is:

Question 20

Which of the following is a part of speed and delay studies?

1) Floating car method

2) Interview technique

3) License plate method

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