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SSC-JE ME || Thermodynamics Quiz 1

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Question 1

In free expansion process _________.

Question 2

Match List-1 (Properties) with List-2(Type)


(1). Density

(2). Refractive index

(3). Internal energy

(4). Specific enthalpy


(A). Intensive

(B). Extensive

Question 3

A system will be thermodynamic equilibrium only if it is in __________.
A) Thermal equilibrium
B) Mechanical equilibrium
C) Chemical equilibrium

Question 4

Heat and work are

Question 5

Heat capacity (Cp) is an extensive property but specific heat (C) is an intensive property. What will be Heat capacity Cp for 1 mol of water.

Question 6

Thermometric property of thermocouple is ______.

Question 7

Work transfer between the system and the surroundings______.

Question 8

The resistance in copper winding of a motor is 100ohms at 25 °C. When operating at full load the resistance was found to be 150 ohms. The resistance is related to temperature by following equation.
Rt= R0 (1+0.0693t) where R0 is the resistance at 0 °C, T is temperature in °C. Find the temperature of the coil at full load.

Question 9

The fixed point/points for Celsius temperature scale is/are:
( After 1954 Temperature measurement)

Question 10

Heat is supplied to a system such that, the temperature of system rises by 30 °C. This temperature rise is equivalent to a temperature rise of
(A) 30 K
(B) 54 F
(C) 303 K
(D) 62 K
Which of the above options are correct?
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