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Question 1

The value of normal stress at the principal plane is

Question 2

In the operation of four-stroke diesel engines, the term ‘squish’ refers to the ________.

Question 3

A Hexagonal unit cell satisfies which of the following equations?

Question 4

A body that reflects all the incident thermal radiations is called a

Question 5

When at a point liquid and solid phase decomposes into solid phase on cooling then it is known as :

Question 6

The current density used for MIG electrode is of the order of

Question 7

In a multiple disc clutch, if there are 6 discs on the driving shaft and 5 discs on driven shaft, the number of pairs of contact surfaces will be equal to

Question 8

What is the total loss developed in a series of pipes?

Question 9

_________is the treatment or application of pigments, polymers, or other materials to one or both surfaces of paper.

Question 10

Torsion bars are in series

Question 11

The specific speed (in S.I. Units) of Francis Turbine lies in the range of

Question 12

Which of the following casting method is used for ornaments and toys of non – ferrous alloys?

Question 13

During radiography test, which region absorbs less radiation and transmits more?

Question 14

The activity time in PERT is given by

Question 15

The phosphor bronze is mainly used to make

Question 16

Infinite life of machine members is generally taken as 10N Cycles where N is

Question 17

Slope of constant pressure line on temperature entropy diagram is given by.

Question 18

Scotch yoke mechanism is used to generate

Question 19

The evaporator used in normal household refrigerators is _______.

Question 20

PERT has following time estimate ________.
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