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SSC-JE ME || Technical Quiz 21

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Question 1

Nose radius is expressed in

Question 2

Hydraulic coupling belongs to the category of

Question 3

If a shaft is rotating at N revolution per minute with an applied torque Description: Description: Practice-Set-4_files\image070.png, the power being transmitted by the shaft in watt is

Question 4

The velocity profile for turbulent layer over a flat plate is :

Question 5

Schmidt number is the ratio of which of the following _________?

Question 6

Kelvin-plank law deals with

Question 7

In comparison to an open-loop system a closed loop system is

Question 8

A system executed a cyclic process during which there are two processes as given below:
Description: Practice-Set-6_files\image033.png
and Description: Practice-Set-6_files\image034.png
What will be work interaction in process Description: Practice-Set-6_files\image035.png

Question 9

Which of the following relation does not holds good for any given pressure? (where ρ,S and P are density, specific gravity and pressure respectively )

Question 10

Surfaces to be machined are marked on the pattern by the following colour:

Question 11

In a variable speed SI. Engine, the maximum torque occurs at the maximum ______

Question 12

Poisson’s ratio is used in ______.

Question 13

Which of the following chart is drawn Machine vs time?

Question 14

The first of thermodynamics is the law of:

Question 15

Adaptive response rate forecasting is related to

Question 16

In which of the following Milling operation cutter is rotated in the same direction of travel of work piece _________.

Question 17

The Lewis number which is a measure of relative thermal and concentration boundary layer thicknesses is defined as, (Re: Reynold’s number, Pr:Prandtl number, Sc: Schmidt number)

Question 18

Which of the following is an example of a body undergoing translational equilibrium?

Question 19

Which of the following is correct

Question 20

The radius of the Mohr’s circle is given by:
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