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SSC-JE ME || Technical Quiz 20

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Question 1

Laser beam welding is used for

Question 2

In order to draw the acceleration diagram, it is necessary to determine the Coriolis component of acceleration in the case of

Question 3

Volumetric strain for a spherical pressure vessel is given by

Question 4

At thermal equilibrium _____.

Question 5

Water flows between two plates of which the upper one is stationary and the lower one is moving with a velocity V. What will be the velocity of the fluid in contact with the upper plate?

Question 6

A sudden fall in the barometer reading is a sign of approaching _________.

Question 7

Direction of centrifugal force is always

Question 8

A company sells a product for Rs.120 per piece. Fixed cost associated with the manufacturing is Rs. 12000 per month and the variable cost is Rs.60 per piece. Monthly sale needed to earn a profit of Rs.6000 per month is

Question 9

If torque capacity of a block brake is 240N-m and radius of drum is 210mm with coefficient of friction 0.4. Then, the normal reaction on the brake drum (or brake shoe) is

Question 10

In the grinding wheel of 60 A 36 G 7 B 23, A stands for ________.

Question 11

The latent heat of evaporation of water at 1000C is 2560kJ/ kg. What is the change of entropy associated with the evaporation?

Question 12

Pressure intensity or force due to pressure gradient for fluid at rest is considered as which kind of force?

Question 13

Which of the following is not a vector quantity

Question 14

Prandtl number is a ratio between

Question 15

Which type of screw fasteners are threaded through out its length?

Question 16

In the basic EOQ Model, if the lead time increases from 10 to 20 days. The EOQ

Question 17

The stress acts tangential to circumference is called

Question 18

Which type of holes can be produced through drilling using Electro discharge machining?

Question 19

What is the variation of total pressure with depth for any submerged surface if we neglect variation in the density?

Question 20

What is the number of instantaneous center of rotation for a 7-link mechanism _________?
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