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Question 1

For a small scale industry, the fixed cost per month is Rs. 5000/-. The variable cost per product is Rs. 20/- and sales price is Rs. 30/- per piece. The break-even production per month will be _________.

Question 2

In kendall & Lee Representation a/b/c:d/e/f,  where a & c represent____?

Question 3

If Nusselt number is 3600 with corresponding Reynolds & Prandtl number as 60 & 30 respectively, the relevant Stanton number will be _________.

Question 4

In a cantilever subjected to a combination of concentrated load, uniformly distributed load and uniformly varying load, acting in the same direction, maximum bending moment is

Question 5

Tool signature in ASA system, the nose radius is indicated in

Question 6

In the case of uniform circular motion, which one of the following physical quantities does not remain constant?

Question 7

Small amount of carbonaceous material sprinkled on the inner surface of mold cavity is called

Question 8

Kaplan turbine is used for

Question 9

Effective driving force to drive the piston is known as

Question 10

The piston velocity at the position when the crank makes an angle of 90o  with the line of slider is equal to

Question 11

The shape factor of a hemispherical body placed on a flat surface with respect to itself is

Question 12

Which of the following are true about Compressors and pumps?

Question 13

Which of the following are primary Metallic crystalline structures are

Question 14

The horizontal lines on the psychometric charts represent

Question 15

Which of the following figure represents the hydrostatic stress condition?

Question 16

Scab is a defect of ____.

Question 17

Usually Rankine efficiency of a Steam Power Plant

Question 18

Addition of magnesium to cast iron increases its ____________.

Question 19

The index of expansion of dry saturated steam flowing through a nozzle is equal to 1.135, and then what is the critical pressure ratio for this flowing steam in the nozzle?

Question 20

A refrigerating machine having coefficient of performance equal to 2 is used to remove heat at the rate of 1200 kJ/min. What is the power required for this machine?
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