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SSC-JE ME || Material Science Quiz - 1

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Question 1

An engineering material property is defined as “the capacity of retaining the deformation produced with the application of load permanently”. The property described is ______.

Question 2

Grey Cast Iron is

Question 3

When a pair of cation and anion is absent from crystal, it is called _________.

Question 4

The material property which depends only on the basic crystal structure is

Question 5

What is the atomic packing factor of BCC structure?

Question 6

For a ductile material, toughness is a measure of

Question 7

Vacancy defects in solids is a sub type of _________.

Question 8

The structure of α - iron in iron carbon diagram is ________.

Question 9

If the atomic radius of aluminium is r, what is its unit cell volume?

Question 10

What is the phenomenon of progressive extension of the material i.e., strain increasing with the time at a constant load, called?
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