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Question 1

For A.C. Arc Welding, a step down transformer is used which receives current from the supply mains at 400-440 Volts and transforms it to required voltage for welding i.e., ________.

Question 2

In a neutral flame, what is the temperature in the inner core?

Question 3

The process in which the material removal rate is governed by Faraday law is:

Question 4

Surface roughness on drawing is represented by

Question 5

in an orthogonal cutting operation the tool has rake angle 300 ,chip thickness before and after cut are 0.4 mm and 0.8 mm , calculate chip reduction coefficient –

Question 6

Which of the following tool will give the best result for machining of brass?

Question 7

Chip flow velocity during machining process is 1.2m/s with chip thickness ratio of 0.6. What is the value of cutting velocity?

Question 8

In the hot chamber die casting process, which of the following parts is used for the pumping of liquid metal into the cavity?

Question 9

Which of the following processes is most suitable for the casting of connecting rods and pistons of the automobile?

Question 10

A 5 mm thick metal sheet is to be bent at an angle of 120o with a bend radius of 100 mm. If the stretch factor is 0.6, the bend allowance is (take π =3 radians).

Question 11

A vessel of 10 mm diameter and 20 mm height with corner radius 0.1 mm is to be produced by cup drawing. The required blank diameter in mm is

Question 12

Mechanism used for lateral feed of work piece in shaper __________.
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