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SSC-JE ME || Fluid Mechanics Quiz 4

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Question 1

The sum of pressure head and elevation head is known as __________.

Question 2

Singular point in free vortex motion may be defined as __________.

Question 3

Which of the following force is not considered in Navier – Stoke’s equation of motion

Question 4

The pressure gradient for free vortex motion in radial direction with radius of curve (r)

Question 5

Which one of the following equation are considered gravity and pressure force only

Question 6

According to Bernoulli’s principle in fluid dynamics, for inviscid flow, increase in speed of fluid leads to which of the following?

Question 7

Shape obtained in free surface in forced vortex motion

Question 8

The Bernoulli’s equation refers to conservation of

Question 9

Momentum correction factor for a laminar flow through circular pipe is

Question 10

The total energy of each particle at various places in the case of perfect incompressible fluid flowing in continuous stream
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