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SSC JE: Estimation Costing and Valuation Quiz- 10

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Question 1

A cement concrete road is 1000 m long, 8 m wide and 15 cm thick over the sub-base of 10 cm thick gravel. The cubic content of concrete (1:2:4) for the road specified in is _____.

Question 2

Overhead expenses on a project are included in

Question 3

Calculate an approximate estimate (Rs.) of the building with total plinth area of the building is 500 square meters. The rate of the plinth area is Rs. 3,000 per square meters. The costs of the water supply and contingencies are 7% and 5% of cost of construction respectively.

Question 4

Which of the following method is used for estimation of depreciation of building?

Question 5

Capitalized value of a property is the product of ___________

Question 6

What percentage of the total cost is added in the cost of construction for contingencies?

Question 7

What percentage of total cost is added to the schedule of rates of the public work department for over-head cost?

Question 8

Calculate the primary estimate including contractor’s profit in rupees for the building having a plinth area of 1,500 square meters and a rate of Rs.2,000 per square meter.

Question 9

If the effective plan area of a warehouse is 54 sq. m, and maximum height of piles permitted is 270 cm, then what is the number of cement bags that can be stored?

Question 10

Accuracy in the measurement of the thickness of the slab or sectional dimension of column and beam (in centimetre) should be _____.

Question 11

This is a strange world(a) where each one pursues their own golden bubble(b) and laughs at others for doing the same(c). No error (d)
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