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SSC JE EE : Technical Quiz 8

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Question 1

Which of the following acts as a covering and it provides protection and mechanical strength to all the inner parts of the induction motor?

Question 2

Wein Bridge is used for measurement of

Question 3

For ___________, the output C(s) of the system is equal to transfer function of the system.

Question 4

In the above circuit find the value of load resistance RL for which maximum power dissipated in the load.

Question 5

A consumer has 5 A each rated at 70 V, 3 room heater of 1.5 kW. On an average the consumer uses 4 A for 10 hour per day & two heater for 4 hour per day, calculate the average load of the consumer?

Question 6

What is the peak factor for given function I (t) = im sinωt

Question 7

_______ is an analytical method used to change a complex circuit into a simple equivalent circuit consisting of a single resistance in series with a source voltage.

Question 8

If a dynamometer type wattmeter is connected in an ac circuit, the power indicated by the wattmeter will be:

Question 9

The full load shaft torque of a 3-ϕ, 4-pole, 50 Hz induction motor is 200 N-m. If the rotor emf makes 120 cycles per minute, then what would be the motor output power?

Question 10

The difference between the tooth space and tooth width in mechanical system which is essential for rapid working gear transmission is known as _______.

Question 11

Voltmeter is a galvanometer with

Question 12

In a stepper motor the number of teeth on stator are 12 while the number of teeth on rotor are 8 what would be the step angle for stepper motor?

Question 13

Pinch effect in welding is directly proportional to the

Question 14

The function of this element is to manipulate the signal presented to it preserving the original nature of the signal

Question 15

In electrostatic voltmeters, the principle of their operation is the force of attraction between electric charges on neighbouring plates between which potential difference is maintained. The attracted-disc type electrostatic instruments are used for the measurement of

Question 16

Two wires A and B of the same material but of different lengths L and 2L have the radius r and 2r respectively. The ratio of  resistance will be

Question 17

In plate type earthing system what is the dimension of cast iron plate, which is used as earth plate?

Question 18

AC servomotor is basically a

Question 19

What is the unit of luminous intensity?

Question 20

In a single-phase series R-L-C circuit the instantaneous voltage across the Inductor & Capacitor are 80 V & 50 V respectively. If the voltage across the resistor is 40 V, then what is the voltage applied at its input?
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