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SSC JE EE : Technical Quiz 5

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Question 1

Two charges are placed at a distance apart. Now, if a glass slab is inserted between them, then the force between the charges will

Question 2

For percentage differential protection or normal differential protection, the ______ in the primary and secondary winding should be same.

Question 3

Multimeter are provided with separate scale for low AC voltages to

Question 4

The load duration curve is given for a system in the below figure, determine the load factor of the system?

Question 5

A DC ammeter has resistance of 0.1 Ω and current range is 0 – 100 A. If the range is to be extended to 0 – 500 A, then meter requires shunt resistance of

Question 6

In an 8 pole, 3-phase machine there are total 600 conductor and 200 slots. Then calculate the angular slot pitch in electrical degree.

Question 7

Calculate IE for a transistor that has αdc = 0.98 and Ib = 100 μA.

Question 8

In squirrel cage induction motor, the rotor conductors are

Question 9

In a split phase machine, the main winding has low resistance but high reactance whereas the starting winding has a _________ resistance, but _______ reactance.

Question 10

Which of the following point is unstable in the below graph of effect of harmonics on loaded three phase induction machine?

Question 11

A 5 A ammeter has a resistance of 0.01 Ω. Determine the efficiency of the instrument.

Question 12

Calculate the RTh between the terminal A & B.

Question 13

A conductor of length 0.5 m is placed in a magnetic field of strength 0.5 Wb/m2. Calculate the induced emf when a current of 50 A flow through it and conductor is moving at a velocity of 20 m/sec.

Question 14

Determine the equivalent resistance across the AB terminals. Assume each resistor band code as yellow, green and red.

Question 15

Which types of joints are commonly used to form a string in a string insulator?

Question 16

Ampere circuital law is analogous to

Question 17

Which of the following is NOT a part of automatic control system?

Question 18

Consider a parallel circuit as shown in figure below,

Let φ1 and φ2 be the magnitude of impedance angle of branch 1 and 2 respectively & given that C >> L. Then which of the following relation is true.

Question 19

A 4 pole, three phase induction motor is running at 4 % slip at full load. The supply frequency is 50 Hz, then the frequency of the rotor is

Question 20

In a synchronous machine, 50 A of field current require to give rated voltage on open circuit while the field current of 100 A is required to give rated current at short circuit, Calculate the short circuit ratio of synchronous machine?
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