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SSC JE EE : Technical Quiz 4

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Question 1

Consider a transformer of certain rating, is designed such that flux density and current density remains the same. And now, the linear dimensions are made larger by a factor of K, then which of the following below is correct?

Question 2

A single-phase energy meter having a meter constant of 150 rev/kWh, is operated at 220 V, 50 Hz supply with a load current of 8 A at power factor of 0.8 lagging for 5 hour continuously. The energy meter shows the number of revolution during this speed.

Question 3

For the case of Alternator, what will be the output power at Zero power factor lead and at zero power factor lag respectively?

Question 4

The rating of the circuit breaker depends on

Question 5

In case of DC series motor, the torque can be found from

Question 6

A circuit breaker have voltage and current ratings of 33 kV and 5 kA. Find the making capacity of circuit breaker ?

Question 7

The purpose of conservator in a transformer is

Question 8

Among the following which material is used in PMDC Motors to make permanent magnet?

(I) Alnicos

(II) Ferrites

(III) Rare Earth Material (samarium Cobalt & NIB)

Question 9

For the same excitation voltage and winding currents, the autotransformer gives

Question 10

Which of the following does not lie in the category of systematic errors.

Question 11

A JFET has three terminal namely

Question 12

It is a single-crystal semiconductor material with no other types of atoms within the crystal.

Question 13

The transformer used for AC welding sets is

Question 14

In light emitting diode, the available light emitting region is

Question 15

Which one the following instrument is used at frequency of zero Hz?

Question 16

Which of the following process is used for producing two different form of energy i.e., thermal energy or heat energy and electrical or mechanical energy, using a single source of fuel.

Question 17

Which part of the induction motor among the following carries a 3–phase winding and is fed from a 3 – phase supply?

Question 18

What is the ratio of mechanical power developed to rotor copper loss in the rotor of three phase induction motor?

Question 19

A series RLC circuit with L = 160 mH, C = 100 μF and R = 40 Ω is connected a sinusoidal voltage V(t) = 40 sinωt, with ω = 200 rad/s. What is the impedance and phase φ of the circuit?

Question 20

For a given applied voltage and current an universal motor runs at
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