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SSC JE EE : Technical Quiz 22

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Question 1

In synchronous machines, the airgap is in the order of

Question 2

The minimum no. of wattmeter required for a 3-ϕ, 4 -wire unbalanced system for power measurement?

Question 3

When a current enters in a parallel network consisting of several values of resistance, then

Question 4

_______ is performed when the diode is forward biased during the negative half–cycle of the input in negative diode clipping circuits.

Question 5

An 800 kV transmission line has a maximum power transfer capacity of P. When operated at 400 kV with the series reactance unchanged, the new maximum power transfer capacity is approximately

Question 6

In DC series motor, torque versus Icharacteristics after saturation becomes

Question 7

A three-phase star connected alternator deliver a power of 5 kW to the load, an input voltage 440 V. The circuit is operated at 0.8 lagging power factor, determine the line current?

Question 8

A cast steel electromagnet has an air gap length of 0.8 cm find the ampere turn for the air gap to produce a flux density of in the air gap

Question 9

In a split phase single phase induction motor, the main winding should have

Question 10

How one can distinguish between PMMC type instruments and Moving type instruments

Question 11

Two meters X and Y required 40 mA and 50 mA respectively for full scale deflection. Then

Question 12

In McLeod Gauge,

Question 13

If the rotor is open in squirrel cage induction motor

Question 14

Find the equivalent Resistance Req. between terminal a and b?

Question 15

The systems which control the motion of electrical machines are known as _________.

Question 16

At what condition, does the maximum power is transferred from DC motor?

Question 17

______ is a machine that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy.

Question 18

Which is the correct formula for calculation of pitch factor (KP) in the synchronous machines?

Question 19

In which type of fault, the negative and zero sequence currents are equal to zero

Question 20

A harmonic restraint is used in a transformer to protect.
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