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SSC JE EE : Technical Quiz 19

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Question 1

V curve for synchronous motor is a graph between?

Question 2

Which motor is preferred for the operation of higher speed like greater than 3000 RPM.

Question 3

For a good power system, whether overhead or underground should fulfil the these below requirement. Which of the following is not correct?

Question 4

Electrostatic instrument are normally used for

Question 5

The purpose of using dummy coil in D.C. machines is to

Question 6

Find the induced EMF in a conductor rotating in a magnetic field, having 4 poles, flux per pole be 0.3 mWb and rotates with 300 revolutions per second.

Question 7

A 20 KVA step-down auto -transformer has voltage ratio of 0.8. The power transfer inductively is ____

Question 8

The amount of electrical energy consumed by a circuit over a period of time is _________.

Question 9

Which of the following is an integrating type instrument?

Question 10

D.C. supply can be obtained from A.C. supply by the use of

Question 11

Above the critical magnetic field, a superconductor will become

Question 12

A 450V, 50 KVA 1-ϕ alternator has an effective armature resistance of 0.62 Ω. An excitation current of 10A produces 200A armature current on short circuit and an emf 400V on open-circuit. Calculate synchronous reactance

Question 13

_______ has the property of storing potential energy.

Question 14

Which gas is commonly used in gas welding?

Question 15

The cosine of the angle between useful power and total power is _________.

Question 16

Two identical coaxial circular coils carry the same current I but in opposite directions. The magnitude of the magnetic field B at a point on the axis midway between the coils is

Question 17

Which of the following function is not performed by a transformer?

Question 18

Due to hysteresis affect, the reading of the moving iron type instruments is not measured correctly. We can we eliminate this

Question 19

Find the product of quality factor for series and parallel R-L-C circuit?

Question 20

A Δ/Δ (delta - delta) connected transformer is connected to V/V connected transformer. The ratio of VA rating Δ/Δ connected transformer and V/V connected transformer is
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