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SSC JE EE : Mini Mock 2

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Question 1

In which state, the first Hydroelectric power plant in India made?

Question 2

Which acid is present in Tamarind?

Question 3

Permanent Revenue settlement of Bengal was introduced by______.

Question 4

Tse Tse fly is a vector of which disease?

Question 5

Under whose presidentship, first amendment was made in the constitution of India?

Question 6

The 2024 Olympic Games logo unveiled in which city?

Question 7

International Internet Day is annually celebrated on________.

Question 8

A short circuit occurs as, current travel along an unintended path with _________.

Question 9

In November 2019, The 2nd International Conference on Sustainable Water Management was held in ________.

Question 10

Who is the current chairman of Election commission?

Question 11

Which one of them is correct with regards to GST?

Question 12

On February 6, 2020, The President of India Ram Nath Kovind presented the International Gandhi Awards for Leprosy to__________.

Question 13

Which tissues are responsible for transporting soluble organic compounds in plants?

Question 14

Zoji La pass connects which of the following?

Question 15

Where does the cabbage store food?

Question 16

Study the following figure carefully and answer the given question.

How many Chinese, youth is educated.

Question 17

‘Picture’ is related to ‘Colored’ in the same way as ‘Letter’ is related to ‘____’

Question 18

In a code language, PENCIL is written as PNEICL. How will MOTHER be written as in that language?

Question 19

In the following question, select the related group of letters from the given alternatives.

EM : JZ : : KL : ?

Question 20

Select the Venn diagram that best illustrates the relationship between the following three classes.

Vegetables, Avocado, Fruits

Question 21

Select the figure that will come next in the following figure series?

Question 22

In the following question, select the odd letter group from the given alternatives.

Question 23

Select the word-pair in which the two words are related in the same way as the two words in the following word-pair.

Author : Book ::

Question 24

Find the number of the triangle from the given figure?

Question 25

In the following question, select the word which cannot be formed using the letters of the given word.


Question 26

In the following question, select the related number from the given alternatives.

8743 : 44 : : 6545 : ?

Question 27

Arrange the following words in a logical and meaningful order.

1. Egypt
2. Africa
3. Great Pyramid
4. World
5. Giza

Question 28

In the following question, select the odd word from the given alternatives.

Question 29

In the following four letter-group, three-letter group are related to one another in a certain way and one letter group is different from others. Find the different letter group.

Question 30

Find the symbols which completes the equation from the given options.

84 ? 12 ? 5 ? 6 = 41

Question 31

What will be the Voltage Regulation of a transformer in which ohmic losses is 2% of the output and reactance drop is 6% of the voltage when the power factor is 0.8 lead.

Question 32

A DC cumulatively compounded motor delivers valid load torque at rated speed. If the series field is short circuited then the armature current and speed will be respectively.

Question 33

For a 4-pole DC machine with wave wound armature, the number of brushes required is:

Question 34

In Back to Back test on Transformers, the primaries and secondary are connected in the following manner-

Question 35

The hysteresis loop of a magnetic material has an area 10cm2 with the scale given as 1cm = 2AT and 1cm = 25mWb. At 100 Hz, the total hysteresis loss is:

Question 36

Which of the following is true about electric field boundary conditions, for charge free region?

Question 37

An inductor designed with 400 turns coil wounds on an air core of 16 cm2 cross section area and with a gap length of 1 mm. What will be the inductance of the coil?

Question 38

A DC shunt generator running at 1000 rpm with critical resistance of 100 Ω. Its shunt resistance is 50 Ω then critical speed is –

Question 39

A 8 pole generator with 128 coil has a two layer LAP winding. The pole pitch is

Question 40

Under commutation in a DC machine gives rise to-

Question 41

When a BJT is employed as an “ON switch” it will operate in ………….region with collector-Base junction …………….. Bias.

Question 42

Which of the following statement is NOT correct?

Question 43

The Pitch factor for a full pitched winding of a synchronous machine is-

Question 44

In a synchronous generator operating at zero pf lag, the effect of armature reaction is

Question 45

Which of the following statement is correct?

Question 46

A closed Lissajous pattern on a CRO has 5 Horizontal tangencies. The horizontal input and vertical input have the frequencies 100 Hz and 50 Hz respectively. Find out the vertical tangencies.

Question 47

Two transformers of the same type are designed to work at the flux and current densities, but the linear dimensions of one times those of the other in all respect. The ratio of their core loss will be:

Question 48

The Q-meter works on the principle of

Question 49

A DC machine has maximum efficiency when:

Question 50

Which of the following is NOT the characteristics of ideal op-amp.

Question 51

If  represents magnetic field then –

Question 52

In the Force-Current analogy, Inductance L is corresponds into:
(Where K is spring constant)

Question 53

Which of the following is NOT feature of an open circuit?

Question 54

Which of the following condition is not necessary for alternators working in parallel?

Question 55

A 40 MVA, 33 KV/132 kV, Δ-Y connected 3-phase transformer has reactance X = 0.05 pu. The actual value of X referred to low voltage side is

Question 56

For a transistor, Ic = 20 mA and IB = 0.8 mA. Then the value of current gain α is.

Question 57

If the network elements can be separated physically from each other, then they are called as-

Question 58

Which of the following statement is correct about the design of split phase single phase induction motor winding?

Question 59

A separately excited DC motor has armature resistance of 0.5 Ω it runs on a 250V DC supply drawing an armature current of 20A, 1000 rpm. The Torque developed by motor

Question 60

A DC shunt motor having unsaturated magnetic circuit runs at 750 rpm with rated voltage. If the applied voltage is half of the rated voltage the motor will run at
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