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SSC JE 2019-20: non-Technical quiz 53

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Question 1

Which foreign traveller wrote the book ‘Indica’?

Question 2

Which State passed a bill to remove Anchal Samiti?

Question 3

Who among the following renowned English fiction writer has been awarded with Jnanpith award, 2018 ?

Question 4

Which of the following is not a Union Territory?

Question 5

The leading producer of aluminum in the world is

Question 6

Based on the following information, find who is the grandmother of Devika?
i. Kanika is the son of Anamika.
ii. Elena is the daughter of Bikramati.
iii. Devika is the brother of Elena.
iv. Anamika is the mother of Bikramati.

Question 7

‘Skating' is related to "Rink' in the same way as 'Badminton' is related to '______'

Question 8


a) All spoons are bowls.

b) Some bowls are plates.


 I. Some spoons are plates.

II. Some bowls are spoons.

III. Some plates are spoons.

IV. All bowls are spoons.

Question 9

How many minutes does it take Roshan to type Y words if his regular speed of typing is X words per minute?

Question 10

Direction: Select the related word/letters/ number from the given alternatives.
Money : Poverty : : Education: ?
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