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SSC JE 2019-20: Materials Science

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Question 1

Addition of vanadium in steel results in improvement of _______.

Question 2

The micro-structure of α ferrite iron is ________.

Question 3

When at a point two solid phase changes to one solid phase on cooling then it is known as _________.

Question 4

An Orthorhombic unit cell satisfies which of the following equations _______.

Question 5

From the lists given below, choose the most appropriate set of heat treatment process and the corresponding process characteristics ______.

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Question 6

Stainless steel contains ________.

Question 7

Which one of the following pairs of tests has been developed to evaluate the fracture resistance of engineering materials, subjected to dynamic loads or impacts?

Question 8

Which is correct for spheroidising treatment process?

Question 9

Which of the following heat treatment processes are not used for surface hardening ?

Question 10

Match items from groups I, II and III:
Group-I (Structure)
A) Simple cubic
B) Body centered
C) Face centered
D) Hexagonal closed packed
Group-II (Effective no. of atoms)
P) 2
Q) 1
R) 4
S) 6
Group-III (Co-ordination No.)
T) 8
U) 6
W) 12
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