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SOM_AE CE Quiz-8

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Question 1

Quick setting cement is produced by adding ______.

Question 2

You are asked to construct a massive dam, the type of cement you will use is _________.

Question 3

Volume of water required to hydrate 500 kg of portland cement is

Question 4

Inert material of a cement concrete mix is _______.

Question 5

Which of the following property of ordinary Portland cement is improved by the pozzolana?

Question 6

What is the ideal water-cement ratio to be used while hand mixing?

Question 7

Maximum admissible water-cement ratio of mild environmental exposure should be

Question 8

The maximum amount of dust which may be permitted in aggregates is

Question 9

High alumina cement is produced by fusing together a mixture of

Question 10

Which of the following is used to test the fineness of a cement?
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