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SOM_AE CE Quiz-5

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Question 1

A solid circular shaft has been subjected to a pure torsion moment. The ration of maximum shear stress to maximum normal stress at any point would be _____.

Question 2

The maximum shear stress occurs on the outermost fibres of a circular shaft under torsion. In a close coiled helical spring, the maximum shear stress occurs on the _______.

Question 3

A circular shaft of diameter D is subjected to a torque T. The maximum shear stress of the shaft will be

Question 4

The statement that a section plane before the application of twisting moment continue to remain plane after the application of twisting moment is valid

Question 5

Angle of twist of a circular shaft under the action of a torsional moment T is given by

Question 6

A Circular shaft fixed at A has diameter D for half of its length and diameter D/2 over the other half. What is the rotation of C relative to B if the rotation of B relative to A is 0.1 radians?

Question 7

The ratio of polar moment of inertia of hollow shaft having outer diameter ‘3d’ and inner diameter ‘d’ to the solid shaft of diameter ‘2d’ is

Question 8

A hollow shaft is subjected to torsion. which of the following diagrams shows the shear stress variation in the shaft along its radius ?

Question 9

For a hollow shaft of external and internal diameters 10 cm and 5 cm respectively, the torsional sectional modulus will be approximately ______.

Question 10

The diameter of the shaft B is twice that of shaft A. Both shafts have the same length and are of the same material. If both are subjected to the same torque, then that ratio of the angle of twist of shaft A to that of shaft B will be:
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