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SOM_AE CE Quiz-4

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Question 1

If the maximum principal stress for an element subjected to bi axial stress situation is 200MPa (tensile) and the maximum shear stress on the same element is 50 MPa, the other principal stress is:

Question 2

Principle stress in a point of elastic material is 1.5sigma (tension), .5sigma (compression). The elastic limit in tension is 220N/mm2 and u=.3. The value of sigma at failure when computed by max Shear stress theory is

Question 3

The resistance strain roster indicates a strain of -400, +800, and +500 along x, y, and 45 axes. The shearing strain Yxy is

Question 4

The factor of safety according to the maximum principal stress theory for the creation of steel has a proposal limit of 300N/mm2 in tension subjected to principal stress of 1200N/mm2 (tension),

600N/mm2 (comp) is

Question 5

In case of biaxial state of stress, the diameter of Mohr’s circle is:

Question 6

For ductile materials, the most appropriate failure theory is

Question 7

When a member is subjected to axial tensile load, the maximum shear stress is equal to

Question 8

Design of shaft made of brittle materials is based on

Question 9

A point in a piece of stressed material are σX= 400 N/mm2, σY= -100 N/mm2, and τxy= 0. The value of principle stresses in N/mm2 are

Question 10

A rectangular metallic nail is inserted into a rubber sheet, as shown in the figure. Identify the principal plane for nail :

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