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SOM_AE CE Quiz-1

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Question 1

Find the number of element and order of stress tensor matrix?

Question 2

In symbol  x, y represent

Question 3

The ratio of shear stress to shear strain within elastic limit is called

Question 4

The property of a material by which it can be beaten or rolled into plates, is called

Question 5

The ability of a material to absorb energy till the elastic limit is known as

Question 6

A prismatic bar of uniform cross-sectional area of 5 cm2 is subjected to axial loads as shown in the given figure. Portion BC is subjected to an axial stress of

Question 7

A bolt is threaded through a tubular sleeve and the nut is turned up just tight. Then the nut is turned further, the bolt being put in tension and the sleeve in compression. The distance by which the nut is turned is equal to:

Question 8

If diametric strain 0.035 for a sphere then volumetric strain of a sphere

Question 9

Two bars of different materials are of the same size and are subjected to same tensile forces. If the bars have unit elongations in the ratio of 4:7, then the ratio of modulus of
elasticity of the two materials is
A) 4:7
B) 4:10
C) 16:4 9

Question 10

If the stress induced due to direct tensile load on a body of volume is . Then the strain energy stored in the body is (Take)
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