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Question 1

a retaining wall with a vertical smooth back is 8 m high. It supports a cohesion less soil (γ = 19 KN/m2, Φ = 30 0). The surface of the soil is horizontal. The thrust on the wall is:

Question 2

From which of the following the words justice in the form of social, economic and political justice in preamble has been taken

Question 3

Active earth pressure of a soil is defined as the lateral pressure exerted by the soil when

Question 4

A footing is resting on a fully saturated clayey strata. For checking the initial stability, shear parameters are used from

Question 5

The base width of retaining wall of height h is generally taken as, b=?

Question 6

The Rankine's theory for active earth pressure is based on the assumption that

Question 7

The coefficient of passive earth pressure for cohesion less granular soil is represented by

Question 8

The Rankine half oval body. MM is subjected to the two-dimensional flow having velocity V. The typical stream line is shown in the following diagram. The point A in diagram shows.

Question 9

For bulk heads, which of the following earth pressure theory is applied directly?

Question 10

If u1 / u2 = 2.5 and 1 - u1 / 1 - u2 = 0.657, then the value of k1 / k2 will be
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